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What is your plan

Communicate daily (or as often as possible)with your customers, staff and suppliers. Try to reassure!

Facebook is going mad , but also use other channels such as email, Linked In etc.

What can you do to add to your business?

How can you achieve some Small Wins

Positive people succeed.

Implications to supply chains

What will happen in the next 30-90 days

Is Government Economic Relief available?

What is going to hit hard

Produce a New 90 day plan with cashflow projections.

Don’t wait get ahead

You have an opportunity to end up Leaner, faster and have a better business

Spend time Thinking and Planning

Changing the business ? Consider new products and services and the way you work.

Build an online sales strategy

Cash is King

Continue and  increase marketing – do not stop.

Stop spending unnecessarily

Where can you reduce outlays

Re negotiate with suppliers now

What is booming, can you help them now?

Increase facilities now, business and personal borrowing in order to survive

Obtain lowest rates

Create a Refunds policy, offer postponements, credit notes,  instead of refunding cash.

Encourage staff to take  holidays now whilst they can nit work.

Allow Attrition – do not reemploy for a while

Reduce number of working hours

Pay cuts – reduce hourly rates.

Suspend bonus schemes

Review Technology Needs

Meeting and reporting – increase on line meetings and pre arrange regular times and days.

Offer great Customer Service

Banking and Mail – what are the arrangements during confinement

It may be weeks or months

Have the Plan in place


Add a delivery service

Online / phone

People won’t come to you – go to them.

How are you minimizing customer risk – communicate

Staff changes – can staff move into alternative roles

How and when are you going to work – communicate

Do not STOP

Increase marketing – what can you do to help the community

Negotiate better rates

Create new offers and prices

Communicate with existing customers – use database

Create deals for them

Bulk buy – cash up front

Work with existing clients

Communication is vital

Over deliver on customer service

Be Nice – Take a chill pill!

Business Coaching Options

Business Development

Ready Your Business For Sale

Leadership Development

Would you like to learn more?

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