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You’ve built a very successful business through rolling up your sleeves to get things done, paying close attention to the market, and putting in the hard work to get the business started and stable. However, what this usually means is that your business is running largely on your ability. You are required for the business to keep growing successfully. Whenever you take a holiday, the business inevitably suffers. You find yourself fighting fires. This kind of exhausting and stressful existence often means your business feels more like a job than the business that can run without you.

Working with Alan is great! I was unsure of how he could help Relocations Worldwide at first, but I now know! As one example, based on 6 x months of his coaching, our revenue has increased by over 100% compared with 2017s third and fourth quarter.
Ant Austen
Relocations Worldwide


Not sure if working with a Business Coach is for you? It’s a perfectly natural question. That’s why I offer a free, no obligation, trial session to find out if business coaching is the gentle ‘nudge’ that you need to progress to the next level of business growth.

Business Assessment

I will assess your business before our coaching session to identify which strategies could be useful to you.

Growth Strategies

Introduce you to powerful growth frameworks you can start to use immediately.

Quick Wins

Identify ‘quick wins’ that you can go away and action – whether or not you decide to continue coaching with me.


After you book your session, you will need to fill out a very quick and simple ‘Business Alignment Questionnaire’ so I can find out some basic information about your business and how you run it.

We will review the information then I will personally tailor your free session to make sure we both get the best out of it. 

The next step in the process will be a short phone call with me. I will talk to you briefly about your business and make sure your personalised session meets your requirements, business-wise.

We will then confirm the date, time and location (usually phone/online) for your free business coaching session.

Now its time for your free session!

It will be a mixture of business training and some targeted practical work.

By this point I will have a good understanding of your business and so this will be a very bespoke session using your specific information.

You will not only leave with strategies and projections for growth that directly apply to your business, but you will also see examples of dashboards and trackers relevant to your business and be given practical operational advice.

After the session, if you decide that business coaching isn’t right for you that is totally fine. 

However, if you find it would make sense to continue with exploring growth strategies, improving your team performance, and overall becoming a better leader through business coaching, we can then discuss what level of coaching you will need.

You will receive a bespoke program according to the level of commitment that will help you succeed – and sometimes this may include coaching with your team as well.

You will have already seen positive business changes by this point, and there will be many more to come. 

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