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Growing Your Business

Many people start their business with dreams of growing a large enterprise which improves the lives of their customers, their employees, and their own. Why is it so rare, given how many businesses are created every year, to find business owners who did just that? The answer is that many businesses are started because the owner was great at the technical skills needed to do what the business does, but not so good with the business skills needed to grow a business successfully.


So which skills are required? Well, marketing, sales, finance and people skills are the main areas. Each area, when broken down, covers every aspect of running and growing your business successfully. The good news is that all these skills can be learnt, or bought in, the trick is knowing when to do it yourself, when to buy them in, and when to ignore them for now whilst you focus on something else.

The RAPID System

The RAPID system allows you to understand exactly what you need to do, what to focus on, what to learn, and what skills to look for in other people whilst you grow your business, consistently, and predictably, year after year.

RAPID growth framework is a proven system. It allows you to focus on the results, where you want your business to go and the planning you need to get there.
You align your current situation to the vision, understanding what you can do today to take steps forward.

What we do

– Planning in 90 day cycles, with a plan that works for you and responds to current events.
– Assisting with the Implementation, finding those skills you will need to grow and develop
– Finally the constant Development of your business, reviewing and developing your team, products, and delivery of service
The RAPID system is a simple and straightforward way to traverse the complex nature of what you are trying to do, to balance the needs of your customers, the market, your team, and yourself, in order to grow your business, your livelihood, and ultimately, your brand, which will allow you not only to choose your own exit, but can leave a lasting legacy to your family and community

Packages to suit every business and every budget.

From £250

/per month


Designed for Micro Business owners or a new Start Up Business.

From £500

/per month


For small / medium business that seriously wants to grow the business to £1M and beyond.

From £995

/per month

ACCELERATE (Executive Coaching Programme)

This is for business owners that already have a successful business that want to grow their business to the next level.

The Coaching Roadmap

Below is the 9-step roadmap that we can guide you through ensure that your business contains the 3 pillars that are essential to predictable profits.

Don’t forget to book a call to help turn this 9 step roadmap into your personalised plan for your business.

Would you like to learn more?

It is easy to get started and the system is flexible in terms of the time and investment required as every business is at a different stage, so various packages are available. Every package starts with a 15 minute call with myself, to figure out whether this is right for you and to introduce myself as we decide to embark on this adventure together, which will almost certainly change your world for the better!

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