Marketing Consultancy

What do I need?

This is the most common question we are asked when starting with a small business. Building a digital presence and online brand is no longer an option if you wish to thrive as a business. Not having the basics such as a website and using social media could suggest several things to your prospective new customers.

  • Are you big enough
  • Are you good enough
  • Are you serious enough
  • Do you care enough

Working with the client we follow a clear incremental framework to enable you to grow your business. Each step will help you gain more leads. Overtime the full framework can be achieved.

5 Steps to Successful Marketing

Step 1 – Get clarity on what you do to help your customers survive and thrive. This helps you with your messaging and copy in everything you do and say

Step 2 – Build or update your website with clear calls to action

Step 3 – Develop helpful lead generators to attract potential customers and capture their information and build a relationship

Step 4 – Develop an email nurturing campaign. Potential customers are unlikely to but from you on the first contact

Step 5 – Develop ongoing sales campaigns

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Products to suit every business and every budget


Strategic Planning

A complete strategic analysis of your current marketing strategy and action plan for marketing your business to increase leads and sales conversions.

from £1500 or £250

per month


A complete strategic analysis and action plan for marketing your business and a focused new website concentrating on turning visitors into clients and providing that all important great first impression. A professional WordPress website with a minimum of 5 pages. Call to action buttons, contact forms that notify you of potential new clients via email, an integrated Face Book feed and Mailchimp database to aid with future email campaigns.

from £750

per month


A comprehensive advertising and social media marketing service which engages potential clients in conversation and builds relationships with your brand. Includes strategic review and new WordPress website, hosting and ongoing monthly consultancy.

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It is easy to get started and the system is flexible in terms of the time and investment required as every business is at a different stage, so various packages are available. Every package starts with a 15 minute call with myself , to figure out whether this is right for you and to introduce myself as we decide to embark on this adventure together, which will almost certainly change your world for the better! Book your call now.

Book a consultation today to discuss your Marketing requirments with Alan