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“Bringing copywriters in at the end of the creative process is like trying to put toothpaste in a tube.”  – John Steinbeck

Most of us can write – and with online spell check and grammar checking tools, writing reasonably accurately is less of a challenge than a decade or so back. But writing compelling, interesting content for a website, brochure or blog post is a different story and quite frankly isn’t everyone’s bag.

How many times have you glazed over, while reading jargon-filled web pages, peppered with un-substantiated superlatives about how great the company is rather than what benefits it might deliver for its customers?

We can help you create interesting engaging online content, blog posts or newsletters. But that’s only half the process. Through our social media and marketing support service, we will also make sure they are read, engaging with your customers, driving traffic to your website and generating interest in your products and services.

And we do sweat the small stuff – yes things like apostrophes are important – there are plenty of grammar nerds out there who (like us) will be put off by a random confetti sprinkling of these much maligned punctuation marks in all the wrong places.


“Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing.”  – John D Rockefeller

PR is a means of managing communications between an organisation and its public(s). Our job is to persuade the media that your product, service or event is worthy of ‘column inches’ (or digital space, or broadcast time) whether that’s through a media release, press conference, newsletter, article or fact sheet.

The digital world has reshaped the role of PR with the use of social media now an integral part of the communications process. Rather than social media, PR and advertising being handled in silos, they should all form part of an integrated communications campaign (sorry that was possibly a bit of jargon).

Basically it all needs to be joined up so your customers understand what you are all about.

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